Casino FAQs | Casino Trends

Casino FAQs | Casino Trends

Online casinos have come a long way, allowing for more deposit and withdrawal methods than ever before, as well as new types of casino games and features that have truly revolutionised the online gambling scene.

Low Wagering Requirement Casinos

Low wagering requirements in casinos are one of the latest casino trends that have hit the market over the last few years and are starting to take off now. Low wagering requirement casinos are often there to give you massive bonuses and offers from the very start, and allow you to keep said bonuses/offers with little to no wagering requirements.


Similarly to other casino trends that have happened, like pay by mobile and PayPal deposit casinos, cryptocurrencies are the latest trend that casinos are starting to integrate to make their casinos easier to play on, and safer from a security aspect.

Cryptocurrencies are somewhat looked at negatively but can offer a wide range of features including speed, and security as most cryptocurrencies that are sent are anonymous. Not only this, but the speed at which casinos can assist players with withdrawals with cryptocurrencies is rapid.

VR/AR Gambling

One of the latest and greatest trends to come out of the casino trends around the world in VR and AR gambling. VR (or Virtual Reality) allows players to put a headset on their head, and see the online casino as if they were in the casino for real – but in their own house.

Not only this, but AR (or Augmented Reality) is also something that has popped up where you can play blackjack or roulette on your coffee table using your mobile phone!

We think this will be a massive aspect of online casinos in the future, giving you even more immersion and entertainment when gambling. 

Esports Betting

Esports is something that has come up very recently in terms of being able to place bets on it. Esports will be massive in the future with more and more players coming to it every day, and the gambling scene has welcomed it with open arms.

Esports betting lines are becoming more and more popular with major sportsbooks that typically only resolve to original sports such as football, tennis, horse racing and more. This trend allows younger betters to participate in online gambling with what they may know best, which is gaming!

VIP Rewards

VIP status is simply a level that is assigned to a player who is loyal and consistent with playing in a casino. The casino gives the player back rewards, bonuses, and other exclusives for being a loyal customer and so a VIP tier is one of the latest trends that we love to see in some casinos.

On some casino sites, there are VIP tiers that allows users who have placed (or wagered) the opportunity to get alot more for their money. This allows for Rakeback (get a percentage of the house edge regardless of if you win or lose) as well as a weekly, monthly bonus based on your wager. They also give you a bonus just for reaching the next levels!

Author: Vicki Brown