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Jackpot Slots Online – Do you dream of making seven figures playing casino games? If yes, you should acquaint yourself with jackpot slots because this is where big money is. Jackpot slots are different from ordinary online slots as they feature life-changing prizes that could go as high as six or seven figures.

This article sheds some light on jackpot slots to help you understand everything you need to know about them. You will discover what jackpot slots are, the different types of jackpot slots, how to win a jackpot, your chances of winning a jackpot, and many more.

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What are jackpot slots online?

jackpot slots online

Jackpot slots are online slot games that offer you significantly bigger prizes than the regular slots. Though the variance of jackpot slots is higher and the odds of winning are lower, you can win millions on a single spin.

Jackpot slots online are usually associated with progressive jackpots; however, other types of jackpots are available in the online casino world. Let’s dig down into types of jackpot slots to help you understand the concept better.

Types of Jackpot slots online available

• Progressive Jackpots

These are jackpots slots online with pots that grow continuously until a player wins. This implies that the prize continues to accumulate until they are claimed. Thus, each time a player wagers on a progressive jackpot slot game, a portion of their bet is added to the prize pool.

Though these jackpots usually run into millions because they are tough to hit, there are times when the pot does not hit seven figures before they are won. In September 2018, a lucky winner won €18,915,872 on the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot, the highest winning so far.

• Local Jackpots

Unlike progressive jackpots that pool a portion of the bets from all players playing the game, local jackpots only accumulate bets made by players at a particular casino. So the total pot prize is lower than that of progressive jackpots since fewer players are participating.

In simpler terms, if you are playing local jackpot slot games in a casino, the prize pot is formed only from the bets made by players in that casino. So in local jackpot slots, the prize pot grows as the number of local players increase.

How do I win jackpot slots online?

There are several ways to win a jackpot. Usually, it depends on the kind of jackpot slot games you are playing. While you could win on some slots with an ordinary spin, others may require you to trigger a bonus game or satisfy some specific conditions to win the prize pot.

What are my chances of winning a jackpot?

Wins on both progressive and local jackpot slots are determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG), so no strategy can guarantee a win or increase your chances of winning. Whether you will win a jackpot or not is down to luck.


Jackpot slots are the most rewarding games in the online casino world. The possibility of winning 6 or 7 figure cash prizes on these slots makes them very popular.

Also, you should note that winning a jackpot is purely based on chance. You can try out jackpot slots if you don’t mind risking a few bucks to win a big cash prize. Good luck playing jackpot slot games!.

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Author: Vicki Brown